Monday, February 25, 2013

Christians and Atheists: Who's Attacking Who?

By: Matthew Chatterton

Christians in America, and many other places, are saying they're under attack. Fact of the matter is, they're half right. You see, it isn't their religious liberty that's under attack, rather the zealotry often carried along side of it.


A major aspect of equality is that your rights end where another's begin. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "Those who would trample under foot the freedom of others, deserve it not for themselves." The problem here is that so many Christian radicals are, in fact, impeding the freedom of others.

The proselytizing of children at public schools where attendance is legally compulsory, is fought for by the religious zealots, infringing upon the religious liberty of those children and their parents. Those indoctrinators, when blocked will whine and cry about THEIR freedom being cut off like the hypocrites they are. They cast themselves as the victims in this way to gain the sympathy vote. However, they are not the victims of inequality, they are the assailants of the destruction of equality in favor of theocracy and Christian supremacy and they ought to be crushed by the US constitution.

The right to bigotry is NOT covered by equality, it is opposed by equality.


Often, the accusation that someone fighting for equality or merely speaking an opposing view is infringing upon someone else's rights is nothing more than a tactic to turn people against that person and/or have them censored.

This tactic is deployed most often by those who're trying to hide their bigotry and hatred behind the mask of a freedom-fighter. The truth is they are freedom-fighters, in that they are fighting against freedom to evade entering into the marketplace of ideas where they would perish. A tactic serving this purpose is dishonest at its level best.

In other words, they know their bigotry is bigotry and their hatred is hatred, but want to protect themselves from that fact being exposed. They are demons wearing angel wings, a fashion choice that is a must to retain the power of persuasion.

Political Power:

I mentioned the sympathy vote in a figurative sense. Now I will mention it in a literal sense.

In order to legislate one's religious beliefs, one must have the voters on their side. Many lies are told to accomplish this, but portraying oneself as the underdog is, perhaps, the best one when it comes to gaining a constituency comprised of those you've fooled.

This political power, once gained, manifests itself in the form of the consciousness clause, strengthened bans on gay marriage, and the denial of various women's rights.

These attacks on our freedom are a direct assault on the constitution, equality, and the whole goddamn republic itself. I am not surprised their agenda doesn't include my freedom, my rights, or my sovereignty because neither does their doctrine.


Christian supremacists, we're not attacking you, we're protecting our equal rights.

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