Thursday, July 5, 2012

What If There Was No God?

By: Matthew Chatterton

What would the world look like if there was no god? Would it look any different than what we observe everyday? Let's briefly explore this thought.

Wishful thinking:

If there was no god, then, of course, bad things would happen to good people and good things would happen to bad people. Simply put, things would happen to people indiscriminately.

What is lacking here is a sense of "justice" but an unconscious universe does not have our interest in the mind it doesn't have. This seems discomforting so theists will supplement the uncaring universe by saying that what seems unjust is really a part of God's plan.

God's plan always involves everything behaving normally. That doesn't seem very distinguished from there being no God which is, as always, why faith is necessary to believe it.

This appeal to emotion seems harmless until one considers that this leaves the theist unmotivated to improve dissatisfying conditions and that subsequent inaction is a hindrance to progress.

The Free will clause:

If there was no god, there wouldn't be evidence of a god.

In an attempt to explain the lack of evidence of God, apologists will assert that, in revealing himself, God would violate our free will.

Fact of the matter is, providing evidence of something doesn't make people believe or accept it. There is solid evidence for a round Earth, continental drift, and evolution and, yet, there are people who reject all of those theories.

Apologists will often respond with "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

My response to that is simple. "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."

Rational Explanations:

If there  was  no god, would storms not still occur?

When people like Pat Robertson, the late overweight Jerry Falwell, and other charlatans see hurricanes and earthquakes, they see opportunities to deceive people. When they claim that a disaster happened because God was throwing a fit, they must reject several fields of science at once.

These "acts of God" are governed by the laws of physics and have never been recorded to deviate from those laws. If tragedies like Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake were caused by God, rather than by forces of nature that are very well understood by science, wouldn't we be able to tell?


If there  was  no God, would the success rate of prayer change?

When theists pray for something, their prayer will either appear to be answered or not appear to be answered. Of course, if they prayed for a limb to grow back, it just won't happen. When their wish comes true, which is rare, they'll think that the prayer worked. When their wish doesn't come true, they'll say that it's  God's will.

Making something unfalsifiable also makes it unverifiable. In effect, its truth becomes indistinguishable from its falsity.

What's the harm in prayer? Not much, so long as you pray in tandem with actual work.


In order to avoid their god being proven false, theists attempt to make it impossible to disprove their god. When they do this, the world look exactly as it would if there was no god.

Why I’m glad there is no god

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