Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Homophobic Black Pastors Versus The NAACP

By: Matthew Chatterton

The American black community is more than well-known for it's religiosity, it's famous for it. As a result, being a black atheist can be difficult due to chronic alienation. I, however, am not going to speak on that in this post. Instead, I want to talk about being gay in the black community.

The NAACP has recently endorsed marriage equality. This stance was voted on and opposed by only two board members. This is a step in the right direction for the black civil rights organization but, unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished. A handful of black pastors have spoken out to condemn the NAACP.


Out of all the hate perpetuated by these ignoramuses, the most disturbing statement made was by John McCrutcheon, pastor of Joint Heirs Fellowship Church, at 00:44.

"To use homosexual marriages and civil rights in the same sentence is an oxymoron."

Oxymoron? John McCrutcheon, a hateful bigoted ignoramus in a suit is an oxymoron. The right to marry the person you love, both as a symbol of love and commitment and for legal benefit, is deserved by all. It is a civil liberty that must be fought for. What kind of convoluted logic could McCrutcheon have used to reach his conclusion?

Starting at 00:52, Bishop Harry Jackson of High Impact Leadership Coalition asserts that the gay community is "riding on our pain, or skiing on our snow." He is attempting to portray the gay community as being undeserving of sympathy because it has not faced the hardships that black people have suffered through. This is like saying "Women in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe have acid thrown in their faces so you shouldn't complain about being stabbed." Obviously one is worse than the other but they are both atrocious. Suffering should not be treated as a competition to win the most sympathy.

Starting at 01:25, Pastor Ericka McCrutcheon (stupidity must run in their family) of the same church says something interesting.

Note: I am typing what she said verbatim. Please do not blame me for the punctuation or poor grammar.

"I think that, if the black community will get back to basis of righteous truth, as outlined in the scripture, which has been the foundation of our community for many generations, I believe that we get back to those things we know truth then, in any case, truth makes us free and we'll be able to differentiate between right an wrong."

She clearly does not know what she's talking about. You want truth?


 The truth is that the Bible endorses slavery, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.

Biblical Endorsement of Slavery

The 'truth' of the bible does NOT make you free; it made black people into slaves. Christians were on both sides of the American Civil War but only one side had the Bible on its side. The same can be said of homophobia.

Side note: Although I argue that moderates enable extremists, I also argue that I will fight alongside religionists who condemn bigotry.

She also stated that abiding by the scriptures enables one to differentiate between right and wrong. I have news for anyone who believes that: morality is composed of sympathy, empathy, and reciprocal altruism. It is reasoned and argued for the purpose of maximizing prosperity and minimizing suffering. We already can differentiate between right and wrong and in no way does suppression of gay rights to marry minimize suffering.

Despite these hateful myopic bigots, the NAACP stands by its decision.


With bigotry so prominent in the black community, are black homosexuals being alienated by a large portion of said community? I am very fond of organizations that act as safe havens for the oppressed and disenfranchised. One such organization is The National Black Justice Coalition, which strives to empower LGBT people within the black community.

If anyone knows of other similar organizations, please leave a comment.

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