Thursday, June 7, 2012

Atheists And Spirituality

By: Matthew Chatterton

Them Insane Clown Posse made a music video in 2009 called "Miracles." Here is that video.

As you can see and hear. The two "juggalos" attribute everything from architecture and cosmic bodies to biological processes and light refraction to "miracles." It just so happens that all of the phenomena mentioned in the video are explained by science. This video is simply anti-science.

I know what some are you thinking, "Maybe they meant 'miracle' is a metaphorical way." When I first saw the video, I was giving them the same benefit of the doubt. Of course, that was until I got to 1:52 into the video when I heard, "Fucking magnets! How do they work?" Okay, okay, that's not bad; we certainly should wonder about science. I love it when someone has a healthy sense of curiosity but it would appear that they do not when, only three seconds later, I hear, "And I don't wanna talk to a scientists! Ya'll motherfuckers lying and gettin' me pissed!" What? Seriously?

The message I get from this song is that you cannot appreciate the world without thinking of it as magic and that science dulls reality into something very empty and meaningless. This is the same argument I frequently hear theists make about atheists.

Fact of the matter is, I do appreciate reality without having to believe in the supernatural. Thanks to science, I know that I am made of stardust in a very literal sense. The elements that compose my body were born in the belly of a star that exploded long ago. I am correct in saying that I am a way of the universe looking at itself. I am correct in saying that my family line extends over, at least, two billion years. I am correct in saying the not one single atom in my body was there when I was born. All of these assertions are backed up by evidence discovered and understood by science. What need have I for the supernatural?

I have a sense of "spirituality" in my life and science is my method for attaining it. The best part of it is that my mentality, shared by millions and millions of other individuals throughout history, drives me to investigate reality and discover facts all on my own. It is this driving force that has brought humanity to the precipice and beyond of exploring space, curing disease, and communicating with one another instantly from around the world. It has made our species great to the point where we don't need frivolous comforts; we can just look up at the stars and think, "There I am. There's the universe."

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