Friday, May 18, 2012

Scientology: A Dangerous Cult

By: Matthew Chatterton

Scientology seems harmless, for the most part. Most atheists don't pay much attention to it. Most people think of it as an obvious fraud that uses frivolous lawsuits to silence skeptics. Well, there is much more to it than that and, as ridiculous as Scientology seems, I am not laughing.

Money, Money, Money:

As many people already know, Scientology costs many to practice. How much money does it cost, you ask? I know you didn't really ask that just now; that was me. Anyway, becoming a Scientologist can cost one approximately $380,000 which is equivalent to about €300,000. This covers the costs of books and other materials, course, and auditing, all to reach OT VIII, the final level. OT VIII, Operating Thetans 8, is known as “The Truth Revealed”.

Noah Antrim Lottick had spent almost every dime he had on Scientology in just 7 months. On May 11th, 1990, he killed himself holding his last $171.

Psychiatric drugs:

Scientology is well known for being opposed to psychiatric drugs. Scientologists consider psychiatry and psychology to be barbaric professions. Scientology bars its members from seeking help from mental health professionals. This has no exceptions. Whether it pertains to OCD or schizophrenia, Scientology recommends vitamins rather than psychiatric remedies.

Elli Perkins was a member of the church of Scientology. Her son, Jeremy, had schizophrenia and she was instructed by church officials to treat him with vitamins instead of medications. On March 13th, 2003, L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, he killed her. When tried in court, he was found not guilty by reason of mental disease.


You'd think that a new age religion would be better on this subject... L. Ron Hubbard classified homosexuality as a sexual perversion or illness. He considered them to be “covert hostile” sociopaths and recommended the extermination of all homosexuals who refuse his psycho-therapeutic treatment, they should be “disposed of quietly and without sorrow.” Yes, that means anti-gay holocaust.

Allen Averay-Jones was pressured into a contract that stipulated he work for the Sea Org., a Scientology facility, for the rest of his life. Upon entering the Sea Org., Allen was interrogated and it was discovered that he was homosexual. He would have seven to ten hours of reparative ex-gay therapy for the following three weeks. Allen escaped the Sea Org after night-fall. He was pursued but managed to get away.


Like any cult, Scientology officials do not like people leaving the religion. When a person leaves the church, that isn't just “the end of things.” Church members will harass an apostate with incessant phone calls, letters, and even in-person visits.

Richard Collins left the church and was met with constant harassment. The church of Scientology would not let him leave. Richard Collins was so overwhelmed that he jumped off of a bridge and plummeted 200 feet to his death. Unaware of his death, church member, Tony Clark, sent Richard Collins a letter. Part of that letter read,

“I'm not the one who will miss out. In ten years time I will not be thinking life is awful and want to kill myself.. so why not be bloody ethical and get yourself sorted. See you soon. Best Regards TC”


Scientology is an evil religion. Many religions are evil but something is special about Scientology. Scientology doesn't really have much set in stone. It can change its mind on a dime to avoid alienating people. In other words, unlike Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism, there is no waiting for the religion to simply fade away. Scientology must be met with strong opposition. Apathy has no place here.

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